"The great and helpful staff keep me at the center. My boys have learned so much. They love it here!" - Parent
"I am very pleased with Smith Hill Early Learning Center. My son has been here almost two years now and I have seen him learn and "grow" in many ways. He has developed mentally and socially and I feel he will be more than prepared when he enters kindergarten."-Parent


Early Childhood Learning

Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center

Girl playing with blocks.

The Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center is a high-quality, licensed childcare program in the Smith Hill section of Providence.  We provide care for up to 78 children ages 18 months to 5 years.  Our program uniquely equips children with the tools they need to enter elementary school ready to learn.  This program is closely aligned with Rhode Island’s Early Learning Standards and uses the Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized curriculum for early childhood programs.

Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center was one of the first 25 early childhood centers to earn a rating through Bright Stars.  BrightStars assesses programs to rate their quality and gives parents information to make choices about their children’s care and education.  BrightStars helps child care providers in Rhode Island learn about best practices in early learning and apply them to the care children receive.  For more information, go to www.brightstars.org.

Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center is also a Kids Connect site for the CEDARR system of care for children with special health care needs.  Kids Connect is a program that provides specialized services at licensed childcare centers to help children with special needs participate, play, and learn along with their typically-developing peers.

The Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center incorporates the following value statements into its programs:

*  Children learn through play. Teachers create a developmentally appropriate environment for each child to create, move, experiment and express themselves. Children are active learners. They are provided with a routine and continuity in their classroom and with adults. Consistency is very important: children rely on their predictable schedules and activities.

*  Children’s activities, materials, and classroom curriculum are selected based on the individual child’s development.They are provided with a balance of indoor and outdoor time, active and quiet play, large group, small group and individual activities.

*  Children learn best from direct and personal exploration of their environment. – through curiosity and discovery, trial and error and modeling of the adults in their world.

*  Children move through predicable developmental stages at their own rates; respect is given to individual differences in each one’s growth and development.

*  Our environment serves “the whole child” which includes the child’s family and community. Cultural values and traditions of the home and community are taught and celebrated.

*  Families are the child’s first teacher. Family participation in the program is of high priority.

*  Well prepared professional staff sensitive to the needs of all children are crucial to the success of our program. Staff members continue their professional growth through formal and informal education.

Our Center offers scholarship assistance and accepts DHS child care subsidies.  We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  To learn more about enrolling your child in our program, contact Debbie Durant at 455-3890 or email ddurant@capcities.org

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